Emily Music Ensemble

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What do we wear?

 We wear formal attire and provide our own music stands and all other equipments that we need for the day of the event. Keyboard requires an additional fee.


2.How long will the musicians play for?


If you book us for a wedding event we will play before, during and after the ceremony. If you book us for a cocktail, reception or dinner party we are available for a minimum one hour or more.  Please note there will be 10 minutes breaks in between each hour.


3. How long do you need to set up?

 Usually it takes us 5-10 minutes to set up, but if you book us with a keyboard player it will take more time to set up.


4. Can the Ensemble play our favorite song?

 Yes, if you can't find the song list on our repertoire list we will arrange your favorite song for you.


5. Can we ask the ensemble to play an extra hour on the

night if the party is able to carry on?


 Yes, we can always play an extra hour as you need. Just let us know how much longer you would like for the event. 


 6. Can we meet you before the day of the event?

 Yes, we do meet clients before the event to discuss song choices.


 7. Can we record you during the event?


Yes, you can record us for your private use.


 8. Do you  play at outdoor weddings?


    Yes, we do play at outdoor weddings, but to provide you with the best instruments we do need adequate shade or inside the tent from rain or snow.

9. Is there any contract regarding payment or deposit?


 Yes, once you decide to book us we can meet and sign a contract. You will need to pay a small deposit to secure the date.


 10. what happens if one of the musician is sick or can't come to the day of the event?


 We do have other highly qualified musicians working for Strawberry Trio that will  be able to fill in at a moment’s notice!


11. When do we arrive the day of the event?


 Usually we arrive 15-20 minutes before the starting time of your event.


12. Do you attend rehearsals?


 We do attend rehearsals but there will be an extra charge for the rehearsals and you will need to book the rehearsal dates with us  a few weeks before.


  If you have more questions please feel free to contact Us!